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About Us

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographers

Josh Jones

As a wedding photographer, I’m blessed to have the awesome privilege to capture some of the most amazing moments of people’s lives. Although I did my formal training in photography in New York, I’ve found that my years of experience in documenting people’s weddings have really given me the expertise needed to forever capture life’s fleeting moments.

Finding a wedding photographer isn’t an easy task. I remember when I was looking for my own wedding photographer; I looked through dozens of websites, researched reviews and talked to friends. In the end it comes down to the quality of the photos, finding someone you with whom you comfortable, and who takes photos that capture the emotion and excitement of the day. While I might not be everyone’s wedding photographer, I promise the images that we will create will help you relive your wedding day from start to finish. While I approach weddings from a photojournalistic approach, I do provide some suggestions to help you look your best in the photos. When you look back at your wedding images it’s my goal for you to feel every moment and have the ability to display unique, timeless images that will look great for years to come.



Debra Jones

Our creative assistant, master of bridal affairs, and my wife. Debra has an eye for posing and lighting as well as the creativity required to help setup things behind the scenes. While she doesn’t have a camera in her hands during the actual wedding day, she plays a big role in making sure things run smoothly: whether that’s running to get water for the bridal party, carrying lights and equipment, or holding flashes for that spectacular roof-top image. Being a recent bride herself, Debra is there to help make the images the best they can be and to ensure you have a fun and memorable wedding day.