Stunning Bridal Portraits at City Scape Winery | Katy

24 Oct 2013

It’s been a long couple months since I shot Katy’s bridals, but now since she is finally married I can let a few more people see them. I’ve been excited about these for a few reasons, biggest of which, we got to shoot at a place very special to me: City Scape Winery.

We’ve been coming there pretty routinely ever since we moved to South Carolina about five years ago. The owners there taught us how to make wine, supplied all the wine for our rehearsal dinner last year, and have generally become good friends of ours. They have an awesome property down in Pelzer that not only includes dozens of rows of grape vines, but also some goats. Add in some gorgeous weather, a stunning bride, and a celebratory glass of wine, and I can’t think of too many better photoshoots I’ve been to.

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Thanks again!