Cliffs at Glassy Clubhouse Wedding Photos | Ken & Mary

21 Jun 2016

I’m not sure how many bottles of wine Deb and I shared with Ken and Mary at our winery before the wedding, but I do know that it was enough to make us really excited to be their on their wedding day! We showed up to the Cliffs on an absolutely picturesque June day. Mary

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Cliffs Mountain Park Barn Wedding | Chloe + Julious

04 Jun 2016

I usually have no issue starting off a blog post. After all… I’ve written over 600 of them on here. Chloe and Julious’s was very special though. After connecting with them at our engagement session, capturing Chloe’s stunning bridals, and talking with their lovely family plenty of times I was primed and ready to shoot

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Cliffs at Glassy Chapel | Cliffs Valley Clubhouse Wedding

01 Jun 2016

I like to gamble. Well… Sometimes. Although most people don’t know it, I end up doing just that at a lot of weddings. I always talk with my couples before hand but I never really know exactly what I’m getting into until I really get there. With Natasha and Travis I definitely hit the jackpot.

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Hotel Domestique and Cliffs Chapel Wedding | Carl + Diana

11 May 2016

There are days where I show up to good looking weddings, and then there are days I show up and the setup is just absolutely gorgeous (which has been happening more and more lately!). I’m happy to say Carl and Diana’s was right up there with some of the prettiest outdoor setups I’ve ever seen!

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