Pretty Place Chapel Proposal | Weston + Laura

19 Jan 2013

I’m pretty sure proposal shoots are quickly becoming some of my favorite shoots ever. Maybe it’s because I get to act like a hitman, hiding out and waiting for my unsuspecting victim… Ok that’s a little creepy. But seriously getting to hide out and capture such an incredible life moment is just exhilarating. Weston and

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Pretty Place Chapel Sunrise Wedding Photos | Kurt and Tina

30 Oct 2011

The past weekend I was privileged to capture one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Pretty Place Chapel at sunrise. Not only this but a Wedding at Pretty Place Chapel at sunrise. I’m sure you have already skipped past this text and are already staring at the drop dead gorgeous view. Just in

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Emily and Chris are Married!

05 May 2010

I just love when people incorporate beautiful scenery into their wedding! Not only does it make my job easier, but the photos come out incredible! Emily and Chris got married a couple weeks ago up at Pretty Place Chapel in Northern South Carolina. This was my first time up there and WOW, now it makes

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