Forever Thine Wedding Presets | Review

First off, I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of using presets in my work. I find that they are often too heavy, and leave your work with an inconsistent touch. I recently tried out a new product called Forever Thine Wedding Presets to see if it was any different. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

While some of the 50+ included presets were helpful at times, they worked on a per-image basis, not across a wide spectrum of images. I also found that by taking the time to find the perfect preset, I could have just made the adjustments manually myself. To the presets credit, this problem will diminish over time as you get more and more used to what presets work well with your work.

While I didn’t find the presets super helpful (at least for my personal style of editing), I did enjoy several of the included brushes. Although many are similar to ones I’ve created over time, I did enjoy some of the wedding specific brushes which helped to just give a little more pop to some of my images.

Installation was easy once I watched the video directions, but overall the presets package was a mixed bag for me. Sometimes it was helpful, but other times I spent more time clicking through everything than it was worth. Maybe your mileage will be different.

You can learn more about the Forever Thine Wedding Presets here.