Pretty Place Chapel Surprise Proposal | Curtis and Tracey

06 Aug 2013

As I drove down the winding road towards Pretty Place I thought to myself… “What a day to propose.” It was after all a mix of heavy rain, fog, and wind. Not the ideal picturesque setting you would hope for. Nevertheless I pressed on. As soon as I got there I was awaited by Curtis’s Parents, who also made the 1.5 hour journey though one of South Carolina’s finest thunderstorms.

Pretty soon though the rain let up a bit, Curtis’s massive truck pulled into the parking lot and out stepped Curtis, leading a blindfolded Tracey. As he lead her down the awkwardly spaced steps that lead to the cross at Pretty Place Chapel, I could see in his face that he was getting increasingly more excited. Finally, they were there, and Curtis told Tracey to take off her blindfold…

Pretty Place Chapel 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0702 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0715 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0726 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0730 Pretty Place Chapel Proposal Photos 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0753 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0778 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0789 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0790 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0804 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0831 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0867 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0887 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0918 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0972

Thanks so much for having me guys! Congrats again!