08 Feb 2011

I talk about lots of engagements on here, and now its time to talk about one that is much more personal. My own story!

I might not know exactly WHEN I’m going to get married, but I know WHO I’m going to marry! Most of you guys know Debra, my beautiful girlfriend fiancée of three years! Well, after over three months in the planning I finally got to follow through on my plan to ask her to marry me. Here’s a quick 3rd party flashback at how it went down!

Early December 2010:

What should I get Debra for Christmas? Last year I got her a Nikon D50… how can I possibly top that!

Mid December 2010:

Lets see… she likes dancing, she likes adventure, she likes exotic food, she likes exploration… She’s never been on a cruise, in fact, neither have I! How about a cruise, and how about using it as an awesome place to get engaged (as long as she is a good girl!)

Christmas +/- 3 Days:

Josh gives Debra poem about how many crazy things Debra has gone through, and yet we have stayed together the whole time. Josh gives Debra the dates for the cruise! Debra is excited, but not as much as Josh thought. The slippers Josh also gave her helped marginally.

Josh and Debra drive all the way to Rochester, NY from Greenville, SC without fighting! Josh drives Debra out to Albany, NY to visit with her parents. Pretending to leave, Josh secretly meets with Deb’s parents to ask for their permission to marry their daughter. Access granted.

Early January:

Josh starts ring shopping, doesn’t tell Debra. Finds a very beautiful one. Debra gets more and more excited about cruise.

Mid January:

Josh orders ring. Waits desperately for its arrival.

January 27th, 2011:

Third year anniversary dinner. Excitement for cruise builds. Ring arrives, Josh takes lots of photos of it after Debra leaves.

Feb 2nd, 2011:

Josh and Debra takeoff for Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas. Josh gets scared ring will set off security scanners.

Feb 3rd, 2011:

Josh and Debra get ready for formal dinner night. Debra looks beautiful. Really beautiful.


Josh notices an interesting event going on later in the evening called the “game of love” game show. Debra tells Josh its only for married couples. Josh tells Debra no. Josh talks to assistant cruise director while Debra waits in the lobby. Josh secretly asks cruise director if he can incorporate a proposal into the game of love. Josh tells Debra that cruise director said anyone can go to the game of love show, not just married couples.

Josh and Debra eat some lobster tails. Josh asks Debra if she would consider marrying him. Debra says yes. Debra asks if Josh would consider marrying her. Josh says he is 99% sure. Debra gets angry. Josh calms Debra down and heads for the bathroom. Josh stops to talk to cruise director on the way to make sure everything is ready for later that night. Cruise director says its all ready to go. Josh recruits half of the cruise photographers to be at the game of love show later that evening.

Debra and Josh watch a Broadway style show. Josh feels his stomach turn to mush. Broadway show ends and Josh and Debra move toward the center to get closer seats. Josh and Debra talk to people sitting in front of them. Josh asks them to hold his camera just in case they get called up on stage.

And the show starts…

And thats about it! We spent the rest of the evening enjoying that Champagne, seeing a comedy show, and waiting for this video to be shown on the closed circuit television on the ship.

I am so lucky to be with a woman so caring, so beautiful, so in love with God, so selfless, and so in love with me. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you Debra!

Woohooo!! Click here to see more photos of the engagement ring!

Abby’s Bridal Portraits | Greenville Country Club

01 Feb 2011

Abby and John tied the knot just a couple days ago here in Greenville, SC. Just a few weeks before that we shot some awesome bridal portraits at the Greenville Country Club. I was surprised at all the beautful backdrops there were inside the main clubhouse! Beautiful red walls, awesomely huge windows, and of course, a very beautiful bride. Congrats Abby and John!!

Greenville Country Club bridal portraits

Greenville Country Club bridal portraits Greenville Country Club bridal portraits Greenville Country Club bridal portraits Greenville Country Club bridal portraits Greenville Country Club bridal portraits Greenville Country Club bridal portraits Greenville Country Club bridal portraits

Greenville Country Club bridal portraits

Bride’s Choice Award Winner 2011

26 Jan 2011

Woohooo! Just got word that I have been awarded the 2011 Bride’s Choice Award for 2011. This award goes out to the Top 5% of all wedding photographers for a given area.

J. Jones Photography stood among the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire community, representing quality and service excellence within the wedding industry. Awards were given to the top wedding professionals across 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, and were based on the overall professional achievements throughout the past year.”

I’m pumped to be on the list for South Carolina in 2011!  Thank you past brides (and future brides) for your awesome support and glowing reviews!!

North American International Autoshow Pictures | Detroit Auto Show 2011

23 Jan 2011

Most car guys (yea, I fall into that group) have always dreamed of going to what is arguably the biggest and most extensive car show in the world, the Detroit Autoshow (or technically the North American International Autoshow). Well this year my dream finally came true.

I got to spend the early part of this week working at the 2011 Detroit Autoshow. Working the show definitely has its benefits, the biggest one being able to get in before the show is open to the public. Thats right, no one stepping in front of the cars right before you press the shutter, no crying kids, no stupid people posing in cars they will only dream about owning someday. Working the show does have its downsides as well, mainly being you constantly get asked where the bathrooms are. I don’t blame them though, it took me a good hour to find them too! My bladder was pretty happy when I finally did!

So if you didn’t have a chance to checkout the show in Detroit this year, hopefully these photos will highlight what you missed (technically, as of this writing, the show is still open). I highly recommend it for any car guru, gearhead, or anyone that enjoys seeing state of the art automotive design. Enjoy!

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Mercedes Display
Mercedes had a pretty awesome display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Ford Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Audi Display
Lovin the new Audi R8 GT (and pretty much anything at the audi booth)

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Lexus Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Mercedes Display
The new Mercedes SLS

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Mercedes Display
The old Mercedes gulwing

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Bentley Display
Yup, thats a Bentley!

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Lexus Display
Lexus LFA anyone?

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Lexus Display
It deserved another shot…

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Maserati Display
This was probably one of my favorite cars there, the new Maserati Gran Turismo S

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Ford Display
Ever seen those ken block videos? Yup thats the car!

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Dodge Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Maybach Display
This Mayback was probably the biggest “car” I’ve ever seen! Ridiculous!

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Maybach Display
The back seat room

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Hyundai Display
I was sold after sitting in the massaging rear seats of the new Hyundai Equus, only $310,000 less than the Maybach, and pretty much the same features set!

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Smart Display
The other end of the automotive spectrum

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Tesla Display
Tesla Roadster, the only electric car I wouldn’t mind having

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Audi Display
Audi R8 V10 GT

Detroit Autoshow 2011 VW Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Porsche Display
Hello potential next car

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Lexus Display
LED overload at the lexus display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Mercedes Benz Display
LOVE the matte finish on the new Mercedes E-class AMG

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Ford Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Cadillac Display
CTS-V Race Car

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Audi Display
Brand new Audi A6 (If you couldn’t figure it out by the picture)

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Ford Display
Mustang Racing at the Ford Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Ford Display
The real thing, a boss mustang 302 running at 120MPH on the dyno… man that thing sounds incredible!

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Chevy Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Ford Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Porsche Display

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Mercedes Display
Tennis ball colored Mercedes SLS E-cell

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Subaru Display
New Subaru STI

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Ferrari Display
The lone Ferrari at the show

Detroit Autoshow 2011 Audi Display

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