Gorgeous Summer Wedding at Furman Chapel and Zen

15 Aug 2013

I’ve heard people say before that the wedding can only be as much fun as the bride and groom have themselves. Are the bride and groom upset about the weather? Chances are the rests of the guest will be too. Are the bride and groom just having the absolute time of their life? Yup, those guests probably are too. I’m happy to say that this past weekend at Furman Chaple and Zen was more an example of the later rather than the former.

I had a feeling it would be though. Ever since capturing Marissa and Paul’s engagement session last fall, I knew they would throw a fun wedding to photograph. They definitely didn’t let anyone down, with some hilarious moments, beautiful colors, and stunning backdrops. Check it out:

20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0008 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0038 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0058 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0097 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0106 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0152 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0197 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0206 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0335 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0308 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0363 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0765 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0769 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0838 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1066 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0430 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_0270 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1084 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1224 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1312 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1323 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1394 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1393 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1415 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1449 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1465 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_2103 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1678 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1798 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1854 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1933 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_2036 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_1358 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_2265 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_2251 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_2300 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_2420 20130808_zen_greenville_sc_wedding_2609

Thanks again guys!

Ceremony: Daniel Furman Chapel
Reception: Zen
Catering: Saffron’s Cafe
Planner: Mary Herne
Flowers: Dahlia
Hair/Makeup: Wilson’s On Washington
DJ: Party Machine
Cake: The Bakery Off Augusta

St. Paul Methodist Wedding Ceremony | Certus Loft Reception

07 Aug 2013

I always love when I get the chance to know the bride and groom before the actual wedding. It adds background, excitement, and a sense of personality that you just can’t get by meeting someone the same day they are getting married. And I had a lot of time to spend with Heather and Jim. I documented their rehearsal dinner the night before, captured their engagement photos downtown, and spent some time touring all around the Clemson campus with heather on her bridal shoot.

Naturally I was pretty excited when their wedding day finally arrived. I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. From their beautiful ceremony at St. Paul Methodist Church here in Downtown Greenville, to the gorgeous details at their reception at the Certus Loft at the Peace Center downtown, it was an awesome day filled with dancing, laughter, and excitement.

20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_0028 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_0078 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_0155 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_0129 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_0187 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_0167 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_0173 St. Paul Methodist Greenville SC Wedding St. Paul Methodist Church Greenville Wedding St. Paul Methodist Greenville SC Wedding St. Paul Methodist Greenville SC Wedding photos Peace Center Wedding Photos 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1233 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1154 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1248 Certus Loft at Peace Center Wedding Reception 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1362 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1385 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1424 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1412 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1402 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1463 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1503 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1598 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1611 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1650 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1682 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1700 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1747 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1785 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1817 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1857 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1875 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1876 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1883 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_1911 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_2033 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_2002 Certus Loft at Peace Center Wedding Reception 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_2164 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_2215 20130803_certus_loft_peace_center_wedding_2253

Thanks again guys!

Ceremony:  St. Paul Methodist Church Greenville, SC
Reception: Certus Loft at the Peace Center
Planning & Coordination: B & R Events
Catering: Good Life
Band: The Voltage Brothers
Cake: Tiffany Baking Company
Lighting: Optrics
Video: Ayers Productions
Rentals: Professional Party Rentals

Pretty Place Chapel Surprise Proposal | Curtis and Tracey

06 Aug 2013

As I drove down the winding road towards Pretty Place I thought to myself… “What a day to propose.” It was after all a mix of heavy rain, fog, and wind. Not the ideal picturesque setting you would hope for. Nevertheless I pressed on. As soon as I got there I was awaited by Curtis’s Parents, who also made the 1.5 hour journey though one of South Carolina’s finest thunderstorms.

Pretty soon though the rain let up a bit, Curtis’s massive truck pulled into the parking lot and out stepped Curtis, leading a blindfolded Tracey. As he lead her down the awkwardly spaced steps that lead to the cross at Pretty Place Chapel, I could see in his face that he was getting increasingly more excited. Finally, they were there, and Curtis told Tracey to take off her blindfold…

Pretty Place Chapel 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0702 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0715 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0726 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0730 Pretty Place Chapel Proposal Photos 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0753 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0778 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0789 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0790 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0804 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0831 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0867 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0887 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0918 20130801_pretty_place_proposal_0972

Thanks so much for having me guys! Congrats again!

Amy and Tony’s Couple’s Shoot – 1st Year Anniversary

05 Aug 2013

While I love getting to meet new people constantly though photographing their weddings and engagements, sometimes its even more exciting to photograph people that you have known for more than a few months. It’s even more flattering when those people are photographers themselves.

I’ve known Amy for a few years now though the local photography community. She has an infectious smile that you just can’t not love. What’s better is that she married one of the most interesting people I’ve met in a long time. Tony seems to know everyone, and can tell you the history of just about any restaurant in Greenville, either because he’s worked there, owned it, or supplied food for them.

I met Amy and Tony downtown to capture their 1 year anniversary photos (something I am slacking on myself!). To top it all off we finished up our shoot at Sip (a local rooftop wine bar), and talked about our shared love of wine, photography, and excellent food. Thanks again for such a fun time guys!


Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Couples photos downtown greenville Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography - Amy + Tony © J. Jones Photography -