Speaking: Professional Photographers of South Carolina Meeting

19 Sep 2013

I’m super excited that I’ve been asked to speak at the PPSC (Professional Photographers of South Carolina) meeting this upcoming Monday, September 23th at 7pm! I’ll be presenting “Creating Dynamic Wedding Images” which basically means I’ll be talking about how to make some awesome wedding images that stand out from the rest. I’ll be going though my approach on the wedding day, go over a few tips and tricks, and provide some ideas on how to take your images to the next level. Sound interesting? The meeting will be held in the large meeting room at Carolina Fine Foods in Simpsonville (625 SE Main St, Simpsonville, SC) so feel free to come on out on Monday, eat some unhealthy food, and then listen to me speak about creating some top notch wedding photos!


 Speaking | May PPSC Meeting | Greenville, SC

Admission is free for first timer’s, just make sure to get there early to get a good seat (and food). It looks like it should be a packed house! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Keowee Key Country Club Wedding | Hannah + Cory

11 Sep 2013

As I was laying in bed the night before Hannah and Cory’s wedding I felt something I hadn’t felt in awhile: I was nervous. After shooting over 140 weddings over the past eight years, I have to admit, the feeling doesn’t come around much anymore. I know my gear, I know my settings, I have several layers of backup plans for everything. But this wasn’t like the nervousness I used to feel before photographing my first few weddings, this was more of an excited/energetic nervousness. Like something really big was going to happen the next day.

And this wedding has a lot of stuff to be excited about. Not only were Hannah and Cory a blast to work with on their engagement session, we had the gorgeous backdrops of Keowee Key Country Club, and (best of all) it was actually sunny out for a change! Add on top of that some stunning decor, hilarious bridal parties, an absolutely gorgeous bride, and a huge set of loving family and friends. My feelings the night before were right, this was going to be one heck of a wedding.

20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0028 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0066 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0079 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0107 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0118 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0198 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0212 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0264 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0257 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0411 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0437 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0423 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0511 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0540 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0563 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0349 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0661 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0680 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0731 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0744 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_0835 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1046 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1076 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1086 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1272 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1146 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1214 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1635 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1781 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1570 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1621 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1589 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1609 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1739 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1749 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2047 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1914 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1901 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1944 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1953 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1986 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_1981 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2091 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2128 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2328 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2387 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2248 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2373 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2394 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2399 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2509 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2436 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2559 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2586 20130907_keowee_key_country_club_wedding_2618

Thanks again for having us guys! We had a blast!

Ceremony: Seneca Baptist Church
Reception: Keowee Key Country Club
Flowers: Blooms
Cakes: All in Bakery
Officiant: Dr. Von Reynolds
DJ: Benny w/ Pros Only

Song Hill Reserve Wedding Reception | Thomas & Marirose

04 Sep 2013

Thomas and Marirose had one of those wedding receptions that people would love to have, but not many people end up with. You know, the small, laid-back type where only the people they REALLY care about are there. No drama or overgrown guest lists involved, just loving family and friends having fun playing bocce, dancing, taking hilarious photos of each other, eating, and drinking together.

You may recognize Thomas and Marirose from my blog earlier this year. They were married back in March at Song Hill Reserve in Landrum, SC and I had the awesome privilege to be the only person there with them that day. Naturally we formed a connection and they asked me back to capture their wedding reception this past weekend. In addition to all the fun everyone had that day, there was a new surprise: Marirose was pregnant and due later this year. Thanks again for having me guys!

20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3877 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3939 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3917 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4059 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3868 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3996 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4093 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4440 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4106 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3864 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3959 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4131 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_3886 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4224 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4231 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4302 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4332-2 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4253 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4316 20130901_song_hill_reserve_wedding_reception_4449

Thanks again guys!

Venue: Song Hill Reserve
Catering: Larkins
Everything Else: Thomas and Marirose

Bald Head Island North Carolina Scenic Photos

02 Sep 2013

One of the biggest things I’ve been trying to do this year to help my business is to take more vacations. How does that make any sense you ask? Well because a well rested, relaxed photographer can be a lot more creative, innovative, and adaptive than someone who just shoots and shoots and shoots. It also allows that photographer to take awesome photos during their vacations to share with you. Which is really the whole point of this post.

When my good friend Michael asked Deb and I to come out to Bald Head Island in North Carolina last weekend, it was a no brainer. We had a weekend off, it had been raining all summer, and our bright white complexion said we needed some beach time. Bald Head Island got it’s name from all the old men the sand dunes that pile up along the shore that apparantly look like “bald heads.” I’ll just stick with my first instinct. Anyways, we had a blast and created some pretty excellent scenic photos on the beach during the day, and headed back at high tide around midnight. Check it out:

Bald Head Island Photos Bald Head Island Photos Bald Head Island Photos Bald Head Beach Photos Bald Head Island Beach Photos Bald Head Island Photos NC Old Baldy on Bald Head Island NC 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2299 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2508 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2323 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2318 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2350 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2365 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2404 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2431 Bald Head Island Night Beach Photos 20130826_bald_head_island_photos_2445 Bald Head Island Night Photos

Can’t wait to go back!