Soby’s Restaurant Greenville SC | Lizzie and Joe’s Rehearsal Dinner!

01 Oct 2010

Not only did Lizzie and Joe have an awesome wedding, the night before was excellent as well! They had their rehearsal at the famous Soby’s Restaurant right in downtown Greenville, SC. They specialize in modern southern cooking, and WOW are they good at it! Just check out some of these photos:

Soby's Restaurant in Downtown Greenville South Carolina
Yup, sounds good to me!

Soby's Restaurant Dining in Downtown Greenville South Carolina Lizzie and Joe's Rehearsal at Soby's Soby's Restaurant in Greenville SC Soby's Greenville SC Chef

Soby's Restaurant Food Photos Greenville
Some of Soby’s excellent selection

Soby's Fried Chicken Greenville SC Chef
Joe got the most fancy fried chicken I’ve ever seen

Soby's Rehearsal Dinner

Soby's Rehearsal Dinner Greenville
Testing out my new 60mm macro lens on Lizzie’s gorgeous ring!

Soby's Rehearsal Dinner SC
Dad giving a toast

Soby's Rehearsal Dinner Cake
Cake time!

Groom's Cake Photos
Thanks so much for having me guys!


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