Song Hill Reserve Wedding Reception | Thomas & Marirose

04 Sep 2013

Thomas and Marirose had one of those wedding receptions that people would love to have, but not many people end up with. You know, the small, laid-back type where only the people they REALLY care about are there. No drama or overgrown guest lists involved, just loving family and friends having fun playing bocce, dancing, taking hilarious photos of each other, eating, and drinking together.

You may recognize Thomas and Marirose from my blog earlier this year. They were married back in March at Song Hill Reserve in Landrum, SC and I had the awesome privilege to be the only person there with them that day. Naturally we formed a connection and they asked me back to capture their wedding reception this past weekend. In addition to all the fun everyone had that day, there was a new surprise: Marirose was pregnant and due later this year. Thanks again for having me guys!

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Thanks again guys!

Venue: Song Hill Reserve
Catering: Larkins
Everything Else: Thomas and Marirose